Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We aim to make your experience with Tawreeq Global Sukuk as simple and easy as possible. In order to do this, we have collated FAQs we have received from our clients and partners.

Who is Tawreeq Global Sukuk?

Tawreeq Global Sukuk, domiciled in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), UAE, specializes in the issuances of Global Sukuk (Investment Certificates). The Global Sukuk offer an investment opportunity in a portfolio of high quality Supply Chain Finance assets that cater to the needs of a wide investor base.

What are the Global Sukuk?

The Global Sukuk are investment certificates that cater to the demand for short-term alternative investments by offering issuances on underlying trade and Supply Chain Finance-originated assets. The Global Sukuk have a fixed tenor of 180 days, with diversification across sectors and geographies.

What is the objective of Tawreeq Global Sukuk?

Tawreeq Global Sukuk aims to offer investors access to attractive yielding short-term, investments comprised of trade and Supply Chain Finance assets. Tawreeq Global Sukuk helps bridge the investment gap by providing an alternative and competitive asset class that is suitable for all types of investors.

Who can invest in the Global Sukuk?

All classes of professional investors looking for short-term investment opportunities and who understand the risks involved in Sukuk investments can subscribe for the Global Sukuk. Both individual and institutional investors may subscribe for the Global Sukuk.

How can I benefit from Tawreeq Global Sukuk as an investor?

Tawreeq Global Sukuk offers a wide range of investors access to attractive-yielding, short-term investments comprised of trade and SCF assets. Through the Global Sukuk (Investment Certificates), Tawreeq Global Sukuk addresses the demand for short-term investments with a positive economic impact and an alternative, competitive asset class that caters to a large global investor base.

Are the Global Sukuk Sharia-compliant?

The Global Sukuk are Sharia-compliant, carefully monitored by a Sharia Supervisory Board, in order to ensure that they comply with the Sharia financial principles and rulings as regards to how the money is invested and managed, in line with the Islamic principles and teachings.

What is the Global Sukuk Program?

The Global Sukuk program is the structure of the underlying issuance offering. Each issuance is structured on Supply Chain Finance programs that are structured on trade receivables and payables with ultimate credit exposure to top-tier Obligors comprised of A+ rated regional Corporates, Multi National Corporates (MNCs) and Government-related Entities (GREs). The program structure for each compartment uses a multi-tier risk diversification approach with regard to jurisdictions, industries and Obligors.

What is the tenor of the Global Sukuk?

The Global Sukuk are offered in short-term tenors of 6 months (180 days) with the flexibility of auto-renewal.

What are my currency options to purchase the Global Sukuk?

In order to cater to a global investor base, the Global Sukuk are offered in multiple regional and international currencies.

Are there any fees applicable for purchasing the Global Sukuk?

On the purchase of the Global Sukuk, a standard subscription fee is applicable to the investor.