Connects investors to opportunities in underlying real economic activity, offering high-quality alternative asset class that yield attractive returns.

Delivers multiple investment programs to meet investor appetite with a diversified pool of underlying credit risk.

Provides little to no volatility as the instruments are non-tradable, with structured credit enhancements to minimize risk exposure.

Comprised of offerings in multiple currencies and in various jurisdictions.

Easy and efficient subscriptions with the state-of-the-art online platform.

Caters to local and global investors through the platform and a network of international distribution partners.

The issuances from multiple compartments with definitive maturity dates.

Fully transparent with independent external Custodian Bank and Administrator supporting each issuance.

Structured SCF Programs
(Trade Receivables and Payables)

Our programs are structured on trade receivables and payables with ultimate credit exposure to top-tier Obligors comprised of A+ rated regional Corporates, Multi National Corporates (MNCs) and Government-related Entities (GREs). The programs are structured to enable businesses to gain access to working capital liquidity to better manage their working capital position. Tawreeq Global Sukuk provides numerous structures such as Factoring and Reverse Factoring that originate from top-quality obligors. The program structure for each compartment uses a multi-tier risk diversification approach with regard to jurisdictions, sectors and obligor selection.

Supply Chain Finance as an alternative attractive investment asset class

SCF program assets are short-term and self-liquidating and can offer higher yields compared to other credit-linked structures.

Each SCF program is structured based on jurisdiction, identifying country-specific opportunities.

Program execution and assets selection is carried out by an independent, trusted Investment Manager specialized in SCF and credit strategies that are in line with set investment objectives and asset criteria.