Tawreeq Global Sukuk offers a wide range of investors access to attractive-yielding, short-term investments comprised of regionally sourced trade and SCF assets. Through the Global Sukuk (Investment Certificates), Tawreeq Global Sukuk addresses the demand for short-term investments with a positive economic impact.


Short-term tenor of 6 months (180 days) with the flexibility of auto-renewal.  

An alternative asset class that can offer a higher yield compared to other alternatives.

High-quality, self-liquidating assets with no price volatility.

Programs structured with ultimate exposure to investment-grade Obligors.

Structured offering for added investor comfort with independent Custodian Bank and Administrator.

Structured and quantifiable risk/reward product, catering to the need of a wide investor base.

Underlying programs run efficiently with transparency of transaction.

Sustainable investments that provide direct positive economic impact, adding more value to the investment.

Suitable for investors seeking income and capital preservation.

Available in multiple currencies through online subscription or through a wide distribution network.

Diversified risk from a pool of highly rated obligors that range across sectors and industries.